Bridge Inspections

Level 1

Routine Maintenance or Level One Bridge inspections can be conducted at a cost effective rate whilst still providing a high level information to create action logs and populate a maintenance budget.

Other services include post and pre flood inspections and other exceptional inspections due to vehicle accidents etc.

We have developed specialist tools to streamline and enhance the reporting process. See our Products page for further information on the SIM Bridge, SIM MOBILE

Level 2

FORCECOR has developed modern inspection techniques to reduce reliance on extensive access equipment and costly traffic control requirements where possible. We are committed to providing a cost effective solution whilst still providing  a high level of technical content in a professional manner. Our company has developed and continues to improve software and hardware tools to aid and improve the collection, management, interpretation and assessment of structure information. The key goal is to inspect once to  high degree and then utilise this information in multiple applications e.g. Condition Assessment, Maintenance Planning, Budget Forecasting and Valuation.

See our Products page for further information on the SIM Bridge, SIM MOBILE and Bridge Camera products.

Level 3

FORCECOR provide Level 3 Bridge Inspections and Load Assessment services in collaboration with GJA Group Consulting Engineers. Where FORCECOR provide the expert inspection and data collection services and GJA Group provides the technical expertise in which Registered  Structural services are required.

See for further details of GJA Groups’ services.

Underwater Inspections

FORCECOR in combination with Marine Engineering and Diving, provide detailed underwater inspection of structures and their components. Marine Engineering and Diving are commercial diving and marine contractors with extensive experience in the inspection, repair and maintenance of under water infrastructure.

Their divers have also completed the Level 2 Bridge Inspection training course and have extensive industry experience.

See for further information on Marine Engineering and Diving’s services.